Who is Creep the Prophet?


Offline I a known as Sonja S. Zeller, Freelancer. I work in Web Content Production and Technical Writing.

Online I’ve taken the name Creep the Prophet. It actually started out as a story title I was working on a few years ago. I used it as a web alias just because no one else had it so it’s worked out pretty well for me. For the most part it shortens down to Creep and while I shouldn’t be too stoked about a nickname like that, I don’t really mind.

By the way, I’m not a guy. So if some of my posts sound un-manly, well there you go. I don’t consider myself to be a ‘girl’ gamer. I’m a person that plays games. End of story.

In the Past I have hidden behind the Creep The Prophet moniker. Mostly because I don’t want to be treated differently because of who/what I am offline. Also because it seemed like the best thing to do at the time to keep my online work separate from my offline professional work.

Am I actually creepy?

No not really. While I like the ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ and other spooky styles in artwork and music, it doesn’t define my personality.

So what’s with the tecky stuff?

I’m a geek. While playing games is a fun hobby I still like working on basic web code for fun and profit. In the past I’ve worked with Asp.NET, MSSQL, and C#, but currently I’m doing more work with MySQL and PhP on the WordPress platform. Why? Because it’s neato. These are not my focus areas since I’ve been contracted mostly for my Technical Writing skills, but I’ve been known to delve into code when I feel the need.

What’s with the Game Content?

Well it turns out that I really enjoy games. I’ve been fascinated with the concept of virtual worlds for years. Games for me are virtual words with quests. I’ve enjoyed trying out games and exploring the worlds developed to create games. Sometimes I get caught up in the games, sometimes I don’t. I have played World of Warcraft quite a bit. I enjoyed my time there. I played Runes of Magic during an after the open beta phase. I also have a collection of Guild Wars games and enjoy popping into those every once and again. Since playing these games has become my hobby, I like to blog about my gaming travels and my thoughts on games in general.

OK, but why the Blog?

While I know that everyone, they’re cousin, and in some cases even their cat has a blog, the blog its self wasn’t really meant to be a main focus of my site. It’s just kind of become my main focus since it offers me a much needed creative outlet. Trust me on this one. That was also the point for the site. I’d essentially purchased a domain as a place to practice web building. I am however enjoying blogging immensely and I’ll probably keep it up despite my mad scientist nature. (Insert giggles here).




Guild Wars 2

  • Gunny Geistig – Engineer
  • Zozae Illusionati – Mesmer
  • Klein Ubel – Theif


Fallen Earth

  • Geistig
    • Duel wielding Melee Medic
    • Pistol PvP
    • Social/Crafter (Pistols & Heavy Weapons)

Lord of the Rings Online:

  • Rune Keeper – Landroval – Geistig

World of Warcraft:

  • Death Knight – Uldum – Geistig (the original for me anyways)
  • Paladin – Rexxar – Geistig
  • Rogue – Rexxar – Auslander
  • 2 Shamans (Dual Boxing) – Rexxar – Enecreep & Elecreep
  • Priest – Uldum – Strategeist

Free Realms

  • Ivy Wildsaga

Guild Wars

  • Necromancer/Monk – Strangling Ivy

Allods Online

  • Rogue Healer ( Closed beta) – Healer (I don’t really remember or care about the rest)

Eve Online

  • Strategiest (totally borked the spelling) – Miner/Explorer

Runes of Magic

  • Priest/Knight – Strat


  • Healer – Geistig

Second Life

  • Creep Ultsch – creeptastic gothy explorer

MMO’s I’ve Tried Out:

  • Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • Rift
  • Tera
  • Chronicles of Spellborn
  • Ryzom
  • Myst Online
  • Star Wars the Old Republic
  • Path of Exile

Bartle Gamer Profile

According to the Gamer DNA Gamer Psychology Quiz I rank as an Explorer and Socializer. This pretty much sums up the way I prefer to play. I love the challenge of discovery and trying out new things. I’m also the kind of person that enjoys meeting new people along the way.

Raptr ID

Raptr Gamercard

Feel free to friend me and hit me up here, though you’ll probably have better luck catching me on Steam (creeptheprophet). I stopped using Raptr when it interfered with older Guild Wars 2 releases.


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    I really need to start reading the about section of peoples blogs :)

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    Hmmm yeah and I need to update this page…

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