LotRO: Digging into Instance Content

So I got a chance to get into one of the first LotRO instances tonight “The Great Barrows”. I approve of it, yeppers good and spoooky (extra o's for emphasis). I was also lucky enough to be part of an all guild run. Though we did run into some trouble here and there, overall we did really well. Though we had a Minstrel in the group I defaulted to heals as soon as I saw folks taking damage. It's like a knee jerk reaction for me. Fortunately we had a tank and a lot of DPS so having me working as back up heals went over really well.



  1. Gareld June 20, 2009 8:12 am 

    Just finished the great barrows too.
    Kind of the same impressions as you. Loved the place even if I was completly lost:)

  2. Creep June 21, 2009 10:21 am 

    Oh yeah I could see myself getting VERY lost in there. I’m just lucky I was running with my Kin otherwise I might not have ever made it out. :D

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