Headed to Northrend thanks to Trick or Treating

Thanks to putting out fires and trekking most of Azeroth for candy, Geistig finally hit 68 and me and Savvy headed for Northrend. I only got in a quest or two there before it was time to call it a night but meh.

I’d really wanted to go after the Headless Horseman. In fact it’d be fun to get some video of that to add into the Halloweenie snippets I’ve been picking up over the last few days. Downside is that the horseman’s 80 and well I’m still 68.  Just you wait Headless Horseman.


  1. H00LiGAN October 20, 2009 11:10 am 

    Gratz! I noticed you were in Northrend last night, but I didn’t have a chance to say anything.
    Last night was a lot of “trick or treat” followed by afk.

    • Creep October 20, 2009 11:15 am 

      No worries! The trick or treating is a blast.

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