Long Time No Post No Matter

So yeah I guess I kind of had a gaming melt down and I just haven’t wanted to get back into any games since. I haven’t been playing any games and therefore didn’t really have anything to blog about. Hence why things have been really, really quiet lately.

What brought on the melt down? Well I managed to stress out my back to the point where I lived in sharp pain for two days with a nice lingering after ouch for about a week. Since I work at a computer all day to bring home the bacon it was a pretty painful experience.

Safe to say that after that and after all the other annoyances I’ve suffered at the whims of games and gamers, I haven’t felt inspired to log into anything. Well except for Free Realms but that’s mostly because it’s just stupid and fun.

I haven’t canceled my account to WoW, I still intend on logging in sometime I just don’t know when. There aren’t other games I want to play, in fact I haven’t wanted to play games at all.

I have been focusing on making music and watching some TV. I know not super exciting, but I’m not a super exciting person. I can say that life outside of the games is pretty friggin boring, but I can’t live in the games, I have to live out here.

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  1. Scarybooster October 16, 2009 2:25 pm 

    Hmmm, sorry to hear that. I wondered why I hadn’t see u in WoW. Hope your back feels better and have fun in Free Realms

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